Industrial Robotics

An increasing number of companies are turning to robotics as a means of increasing productivity, efficiency and profitability. In fact industrial robots and automated systems are currently taking over the manufacturing and industrial production system as company owners are willing to leverage from the advances in manufacturing, production as well as process technology to maximize profit. Industrial Robots have an impressive range of applications, from “pick and place” for packaging, to welding, painting, or inspecting parts immediately after a process. Industrial Robot could be seen in wide range of industries which includes but not limited to food and beverage, Pharmaceutical, Automobile, packaging, chemical, Metallurgical, mining, etc.  Because of the level of technicality involved in this specialized and interdisciplinary field there are very few qualified personnel around as result qualified personnel are in high demand.

We are proud to be the first training firm in Nigeria to offer training in this very exciting field. This training on Industrial Robotics and control is designed to give the trainee a sound Knowledge on how an industrial robot work and how to set up a typical industrial robotic control system as well as to program and maintain them.

Who need this training

The training is specifically for fresh graduates, Engineers, technologist and technicians, plant manager, supervisors as well as those with science background.

Course Module

Module I: Introduction to Industrial Robotics

  • Industrial Robot Definition, History and Evolution
  • Industrial robot type and application
  • Robot design philosophy
  • Robot configuration and coordination
  • Robot parameters (payload, work envelop, etc)
  • Practice and exercise

Module II: Industrial Robot control system

  • Open and close Loop control system
  • PID motion control
  • Tuning application
  • Servo and non servo robotic control
  • Robot and artificial intelligence
  • Practice and exercise

Module III: Robot System Component

  • Mechanical body parts and axis or freedom of rotation
  • Robot end effectors( gripper, tooling, etc)
  • Robot Sensors( Ultrasonic, photoelectric, Tachometer, encoders, etc)
  • Actuators (Servomotor, valves, solenoid, etc)
  • Robot controllers and teach pendant
  • Robot power Supply
  • Installation and commissioning of a industrial robotic control system
  • Practice and exercise

Module IV:     Robot programming

  • Methods of programming industrial robots
  • Offline and online programming
  • Program development and implementation
  • PLC based programming and control of non servo robot
  • Live practical session of robotic programming and implementation
  • Practice and Exercise

Module V:    Industrial robot Maintenance and safety

  • Guideline to robot maintenance
  • Lubricant Delivery Methods
  • ISO 9283 standard
  • Robot parametric calibration
  • Machine Safety During and After Maintenance
  • Practice and exercise

Duration: 60hrs/4weeks

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