VFD/DC Drive/Soft Starter


Industrial motor control VFD/DC Drive/Soft starter

Who need this training

The training is specifically for fresh graduates, Engineers, technologist and technicians, plant manager, supervisors as well as those with science background.

Course Modules

Module I: Basic operating principle of Electric motor and control

  • DC and AC motors components and operating principle
  • Type of Motors , construction and their operating principle
  • Basic terminology associated with motors, control and drives
  • Electric symbol, power and control diagrams
  • Practice and exercise

Module II: Methods of starting Industrial Motor

  • Basic principle of starters and variable speed drives.
  • DOL, Star Delta, Auto transformer starters and detailed panel wiring
  • Soft starters
  • Different types of Drives- Variable Frequency, Variable Voltage, and DC drive
  • Drives advantage
  • Practice and exercise

Module III: Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

  • Different control mode Of VFD
  • Discrete and Continuous control schemes
  • Effect of long distance cables on VFDs
  • Selection of VFDs based on application
  • VFD parameterization/configuration
  • Hands on experience on integrated system
  • Practice and exercise

Duration: 30hrs/2weeks

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