Field Instrumentation


Who need this training

The training is specifically for fresh graduates,  Engineers, technologist and technicians, plant manager, supervisors as well as those with science background.
Course Module

Module I:  Industrial field Instrumentation overview

  • Field Instrumentation definition, Evolution and application
  • Field Instrument overview and type
  • Process control and feedback control system
  • Proportional, Integral and Derivative control (PID control tuning)
  • Reading and interpreting P&ID, PFD, loop sheet, etc.

Module II: pressure Instrument and measurement

  • Pressure measurement Techniques
  • Pressure sensing element and types
  • Pressure, transmitter configuration
  • Pressure Instrument calibration
  • Practice and exercise

Module III: Level Instrument and measurement

  • level measurement Techniques
  • level sensing element and types
  • Level, transmitter configuration
  • Level Instrument calibration
  • Practice and exercise

Module IV: Temperature Instrument and measurement

  • Temperature measurement Techniques
  • Temperature sensing element and types
  • Temperature transmitter configuration
  • Temperature Instrument calibration
  • Practice and exercise

Module VI: Flow Instrument and measurement

  • Flow measurement Techniques
  • Flow sensing and types
  • Flow transmitter configuration
  • Flow Instrument calibration
  • Practice and exercise

Module VI: Final control Element/actuators

  • Control Valve (Globe, Butterfly, ON/OFF, etc)
  • Actuators (Pneumatic, hydraulic, Electric)
  • Valve characteristics and positioners
  • Variable speed pump, motor control, etc
  • Practice and exercise

Module VII: Field instrument integration with control systems

  • Practical session on interfacing field devices with control system
  • Instrument fittings and tubing/cable tray
  • 375/475 Field Communicator set up and configuration
  • Field instrument maintenance
  • Practice and exercise

Duration: 40hrs/3weeks
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