Facility Automation

We provide consulting, servicing and control systems solutions for the facility automation industry ranging from automatic car wash, roller coaster control system for amusement park, traffic light control system, Elevator control system, and the like. we will work with your customer and engineer the automated system equipment and operating features consistent with their existing functionality. we will evaluate your current automated facilities and upgrade that old or non-existent PLC/HMI and drive systems with the latest technologies.

Our core services in facility automation can be summarized as shown below

  • Automation system installation support for your facilities
  • procurement of PLC/HMI/Drives/customized controllers and other automation equipment for your facility
  • Maintenance and repairs, software back up and general technical support
  • Electrical control panel design and installation, turnkey panel for specific applications.
  • Electrical control panel upgrade and retrofitting
  • PLC/HMI/SCADA/PAC system integration, optimization and upgrade
  • Staff training and general support
  • man power supply

Our automated system expertise cut across but not limited to the following vendors:

Rockwell (Allen Bradley)
wonderware Intouch