Who need this training

The training is specifically for fresh Engineers, technologist and technicians, plant manager, supervisors as well as those with science background.

Course Module

Module I:  Introduction to DCS

  • DCS definition, Evolution, advantage and application
  • DCS system overview and Architecture
  • Controllers, I/O cards, control network, power supply, etc.
  • Field control and Human interface stations
  • Practice and exercise

Module II:  Design and configuration of DCS systems

  • DCS hardware set up with PC, Controllers, etc.
  • Peripheral Device connectivity
  • Human Interface Station configuration
  • Field Control Station Configuration
  • Field Wiring Schematics for analogue and digital Signals
  • Practice and Exercise

Module III: DCS Application Development

  • Software Installation and GUI configuration
  • Program development with Sequential Function chart
  • Display Scripting
  • Alarm management and process
  • Process and Trend recording display
  • Practice and exercise

Module IV : DCS Communication System

  • DCS Network Architecture
  • ISO/OSI reference model and network protocol
  • Field buses (Profibus, FF, Modbuses, ProfiNET, ControlNET, DeviceNET, etc)
  • Live set up of fieldbus network
  • Redundancy in DCS systemS
  • Troubleshooting communication error
  • Sorting communication problems
  • Practice and Exercise

The Training will cover the following DCS Systems/Vendors
Yokogawa Centum VP/3000
Emerson Delta V
Honeywell Esperion

Duration: 30hrs/2weeks

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