Electrification Services

We have experienced engineered with vast knowledge in urbane and rural electrification services as well as domestic, commercial and industrial electrification. we take it from engineering, procurement, site preparation, installation, testing and start up.

our services among others includes but not limited to:

  • Trenching, Backfilling, Cable Laying and Cable Pulling.
  • Conduit Routing and Cable Tray Installations
  • Installations of Electrical Equipment such as:
    • Switch Gears
    • Ring Main Unit (RMU)
    • Load Break Switches
    • Panel Boards
    • Transformers and Protection Relays
    • Battery Banks
    • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Retrofitting of OLD Electro Mechanical Relays.
  • Protection Grading Verification and Implementation for 33/11KV systems and 11KV Remote Substations.
  • Testing and Pre-Commissioning of the following:
    • Power Plants up to 500MW
    • Substation up to 30MV
    • Switch Gears (Air Insulated and Gas Insulated)
    • Control Relays and Protection Relays
    • Power Transformer
    • SF6 Circuit Breaker
    • Capacitor Voltage Transformer
    • Feeder Distance Protection
    • Transformer Protection
    • Control Interlocks Over Current Protection
    • Auto reclose Relays
    • Battery Chargers and Battery Banks