Advanxis-Basicon Smart and automated Dredgers is innovating the dredging industry with advanced
instrumentation and controls features and the latest information technology in dredging
Apart from the excellent mechanical performance of the Advanxis-Basicon dredgers

Advanxis Automated Dredger

our dredgers come with the following unique features:
1.) Automatically Computes water-sand ratio for optimum dredging (You show the HMI and the
dredging process itself).
2.) Automatically Computes the total quantity of sand dredged.
3.) Available Hydrographic Devices and other instrumentation for autonomous dredging
process itself.)
4.) Lot of Installed sensors for maritime safety according to IMO
5.) Remote access via any smart device to monitor production rate and all other dredger
condition…..This is a very veritable tool for dredger manager or owner of the dredger
6.) The dredger owner can always keep track of his dredger’s location as well as the happenings
in the Dreger and can even control or disable the operations.
So what are you waiting for!
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