Plastic/Packaging/printing Automation Services

We provide consulting, servicing and control systems solutions for customers in the Plastic, Packaging and printing industry. our expertise covers the Automation life cycle of the plastic injection mould plant, plastic injection blow plant, plastic injection rotomold plant, various types of packaging and printing machine. We design and install Electrical control panel utilizing PLC/HMI/Drives for these machines. we also provide turnkey products that are machine specific as well as carry out general control panel retrofitting and upgrade.

Our core services can be summarized as shown below

  • Design and automation Integration support for your factory
  • Installation, calibration, commissioning and start up
  • procurement of PLC/HMI/Drives and other automation equipment
  • Maintenance, software back up and general technical support
  • Electrical control panel design and installation, turnkey panel for specific applications.
  • Electrical control panel upgrade and retrofitting
  • PLC/HMI/SCADA/PAC system integration, optimization and upgrade
  • Staff training and support

Our automated system expertise cut across but not limited to the following vendors:

Rockwell (Allen Bradley)
wonderware Intouch