Instrument Calibration


Course Content

Module 1
Primary Calibration Standards
Understanding Standards
Types of Manometers
Manometer Fluid
Setup and Use of a Manometer
Characteristics of Deadweight Testers
Hydraulic Deadweight Testers
Pneumatic Deadweight Testers
Pneumatic Test Equipment

Module 2
Test Gauges Design
Using Test Gauges
Deadweight Tester Design
Analog-Display Pneumatic Calibrators Design
Using the Calibrator
Digital Display Pneumatic Calibrators Design
Using the Calibration
Electronic Test Equipment

Module 3
Basic Considerations Multi-meters
Operating Characteristics Multifunction Calibrators
Operating Characteristics
Determining Input
Determining Output
Function Generators
Frequency Counters
Instrumentation Errors

Module 4
Recognizing Instrumentation Errors
Instrumentation Accuracy, Analysis and Interpretation
Analysis of Instrumentation Errors
Determining Effects of Instrumentation Errors
Installation and Interpretive Errors
Instrument Calibration

Module 5
Principles of Instrument Calibration and Calibration Preparation
Calibration Connections
Identification of Test Points
Calculating Input/output Values
Calibrating a Pneumatic Instrument
Calibration Considerations and Procedures
Calibrating an Electronic Instrument
Calibration Considerations and Procedures
Loop Calibrator, Dead weigth Tester, HART CALIBRATOR, etc.

Course duration: 20hrs

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