PDMS course Overview

Plant Design Management Systems (PDMS)

Plant Design Management Systems (PDMS), it is plant design software for producing 3D CAD model of equipment, piping, and structural members of Industrial Plant. It is a customizable multi-user and multi-discipline engineered controlled design software package for engineering design and construction projects in offshore and onshore


  • All Engineering discipline
  • All those in the Technical Sciences
  • All those in other Technical disciplines
  • Personnel in other fields that desire to enhance their professional and technical delivery

Hierarchy Creation (week 1)

  • World
  • Site
  • Zone

Equipment Creation (week 1)

  • Pump Creation
  • Silo Creation
  • Tank Creation
  • Hopper Creation

Civil and structural Creation (week 2)

  • Civil Hierarchy Creation
  • Creation of Grade Elevation
  • Location of equipment

Structural Building (week 2)

  • Creating Beams and columns
  • Creating walls and floors
  • Creating Panels and plate
  • Access, ladder and stairs creation

Piping (week 3)

  • Understanding pipe specification
  • Piping Creation
  • Pipe routing
  • Component selection
  • Valve
  • Reducers
  • Flanges
  • Tees

Advanced Report Creation (week 4)

  • Editing existing report template
  • Creating New Report Template

Generating Iso-Draft of Pipes (week 4)

  • Generating BOM for Pipes

Generating Draft Drawing from models (week 4)

  • Converting PDMS Work to AutoCAD

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