Instrument Calibration

Primary Calibration Standards
Understanding Standards
Types of Manometers
Manometer Fluid
Setup and Use of a Manometer
Characteristics of Deadweight Testers
Hydraulic Deadweight Testers
Pneumatic Deadweight Testers
Pneumatic Test Equipment

Test Gauges Design
Using Test Gauges
Deadweight Tester Design
Analog-Display Pneumatic Calibrators Design
Using the Calibrator
Digital Display Pneumatic Calibrators Design
Using the Calibration
Electronic Test Equipment

Basic Considerations Multi-meters
Operating Characteristics Multifunction Calibrators
Operating Characteristics
Determining Input
Determining Output
Function Generators
Frequency Counters
Instrumentation Errors

Recognizing Instrumentation Errors
Instrumentation Accuracy, Analysis and Interpretation
Analysis of Instrumentation Errors
Determining Effects of Instrumentation Errors
Installation and Interpretive Errors
Instrument Calibration

Principles of Instrument Calibration and Calibration Preparation
Calibration Connections
Identification of Test Points
Calculating Input/output Values
Calibrating a Pneumatic Instrument
Calibration Considerations and Procedures
Calibrating an Electronic Instrument
Calibration Considerations and Procedures

Loop Calibrator, Dead weigth Tester, HART CALIBRATOR, etc.

Course duration: 20hrs

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