Artificial Intelligence and robotics

Artificial intelligence has dramatically changed the business landscape. What started as a rule-based automation is now capable of mimicking human interaction. It is not just the human-like capabilities that make artificial intelligence unique. An advanced AI algorithm offers far better speed and reliability at a much lower cost as compared to its human counterparts .Artificial intelligence today is not just a theory. It, in fact, has many practical applications. A 2016 Gartner research shows that by 2020, at least 30% of companies globally will use AI in at least one fragment of their sales or production processes. Today business across the globe are leveraging artificial intelligence to optimize their process and reap higher revenues and profits.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are a powerful combination for automating tasks inside and outside of the factory setting. In recent years, AI has become an increasingly common presence in robotic solutions, introducing flexibility and learning capabilities in previously rigid applications.

Training Objective

  • Understand what artificial intelligence is and it applications
  • Understand various branches of AI
  • understand and develop various AI programming algorithm
  • identify various component of robot (sensors, actuators, processors, servo systems, etc)
  • carry out some mini projects in robotics using AI

Training Module

Module 1 Introduction

  • History and definition of AI
  • Domains and application of AI
  • Components of robot
  • hardware and software system for robotic system
  • practice and exercise

Module II AI Programming in Python

  • Overview of python programming language
  • Installing useful python packages
  • Developing AI programming algorithm
  • practice and exercise

Module III some Specialized domains in AI As Applied to Robotics

  • Voice/speech recognition system
  • computer vision and signal processing
  • Machine learning and Expert System
  • Practice and exercise

Module IV some application and projects

  • Expert system using Programmable logic controller for robot based control system
  • PIC/Audino based micro controller for motion detection robot
  • Rasberry Pi based controller for machine vision and signal processing for robotic system
  • special selected project and application

Course Duration 48hrs/4weeks

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