TOP oil and gas skill for 2022

2022 is a very promising year for the oil and gas sector as it is the year most oil and gas projects will gain traction after a prolong period of COVID-19 incursion. from our previous article “Nigeria to Kick-start 100 Oil & Gas Projects Between 2021 and 2025” There is no gain saying that 2022 will be a year that will consolidate as well as usher in those numerous oil and gas projects among which are: LNG train 7, Numerous offshore deep water project by various multinational companies, petrochemicals and refining projects among others.

The top of the skills to be on high demand and necessary for you to have high chances of securing a job in the oil and gas industry this year includes but not limited to: Instrumentation and control engineers/Technicians, Mechanical design Engineer/Technician, electrical engineer/technician, Operator Technician among others.

Instrument/controls personnel
Instrumentation and control/Automation professionals are currently the most demanded profession in a typical modern oil and gas production platform as well as petrochemicals/refineries. This is because modern production systems are by each day getting more and more automated as a result skyrocketing the demand for Instrumentation and control/Automation professionals. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to be armed with Instrumentation and control/Automation Skills for the auspicious year 2022.

Mechanical Engineer/Technician

mechanical system professionals are yet another set of professional that are highly sort after in the oil and gas scheme of things. The design engineers with skills such as PDMS, Solidworks, ceaser II, etc are particularly on a very high demand during the project phase. The mechanical technician with such skills as wielding and fabrication, hydraulic system, machining, etc. are in very high demand during the construction and production phase. There is no gainsaying that you have to equipped yourself with those skills if you know you want to be ready for the oil and gas drill for the brand new year.

Electrical Engineer/Technician

The fact that Electricity is the live wire of any modern production system is as discernible as life itself. Electrical Engineers and Technicians are as highly as demanded as there Mechanical engineer counterpart. The Electrical design engineer are particularly needed during the project phase for electrical system design and drawings with relevant design software. During the construction and production phase Electrical technicians with skills such as control panel installation and maintenance are in very high demand. For you to be on the radar for this job you sure have to possess those skillsets.

Other demanded skill set/professional includes Operators. They are very vital for production. crane/forklift operators, scaffolders among others.

Brace up for these skills and position yourself for the year 2022 in the oil and gas sector!

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